Why Join RACC?

Unique Methodology:

Faster Learning & best coverage.
Best Trainings by Leading Industry Experts.

Jobs Focused:

Trainings to clear any interviews.
Master Skills Sessions for Top Performance .

On the Job Learning:

Learn while working on project implementations.
Best Practices, Processes & Methodologies.

Industry Integration:

Focused on Technologies & Skills industry needs.
Role based trainings in areas of high demand.

Current Courses

RACC is highly industry integrated and focuses on Tools & technologies in demand may it be ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Mobile and Cloud Apps to Apps Testing & Test Automation.


SAP CRM deals with methodologies and tools which help to align an organization around their customers and provide a professional and organized way of .... more


SAP FICO is an integration of FI and CO wherein SAP FI deals with monitoring and accessing financial scenario of a company, whereas SAP CO deals with managerial or .... more


SAP HR deals with tools and methods to automate streamline and extend core human resource processes of any organization and provide effective solutions in people management.


SAP SD deals with optimizing information technology tools in planning, executing and analyzing sales, delivery and invoice operations. It consists of IT related .... more

Mobile Testing

Testing of mobile applications on variety of software platforms and versions, on diverse hardware and network conditions is more cumbersome .... more

Mobile Apps Development

Popularity of mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows has resulted in growing demand for application developers. At Redan, we help students and .... more

Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Test Automation refers to utilization of appropriate tools and methods in testing mobile applications. Quality testing of mobile applications is need of the hour .... more

Test Automation

Test Automation course deals with various strategies for successful implementation of test automation tools. Be an expert in the field of test automation and .... more

Our team


Highly qualified and certified Industry veterans, with over 20+ years experience working on global project implementations help us deliver best in class trainings, share their experiences to boost your learning’s.

Class Room Sessions


Well equipped state-of-the-art class room sessions with very limited seats to have highly focused and interactive instructor led class room trainings. Unique training methodologies, learning’s with implementation experience and project delivery skills.

Online Sessions


Learn from the comfort of your living rooms through our Flexible online training sessions. Innovative online training methodologies, virtual live labs and anytime access to our best learning resources. Extended support enables online learning easier than ever.



In depth coverage, extensive training sessions on all areas required for certifications helps aspirants achieve certifications quickly with much lower costs than others in the market. Also, our certification paths help you gain higher scores and become top performer.

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